Exponential Technologies


6 months from now, when the first vaccines for COVID-19 are tested and approved, the fight is not over. It can take up to 12 months for the vaccine production to reach full capacity and produce the required 1-2 billion doses of the vaccine. Already now, the antibody tests need reagents produced by bioreactors and the global production is by far not at its maximum. We can reduce the time for the production scaling from months to weeks and save tens of thousands of lives.


What it does

xT smart_DoE uses Design of Experiments techniques combined with unique, small data AI algorithms to help optimize bioreactors and other machine and mixture recipes, e.g. for the nutrition mixture used in a bioreactor. Additionally, we use a technique called data synthesis that helps to build new processes on data of existing processes, which allows the faster scaling between bioreactors of different size.